Online Mixing
Why Get Your Song Mixed?
Isn't it amazing?

We now have easy access to an incredible range of music making tools that were, up until few years ago, the exclusive domain of expensive professional studios... have the tools, you have the talent, you have songs...

What's stopping you?

Music production is an artform that combines deep technical acumen with creative vision, style and taste.  Perhaps you have found that, once you have arrived at the end of the process of writing, arranging and recording a song, the prospect of mixing, mastering and delivering the final song is an exhausting "bridge too far".

This is where I can help.  For less than the cost of a new guitar pedal, I can help you take that next step with confidence, providing you with a mix in which your song can reach it's full potential... And, most importantly, this will leave you with your creative energy intact to pursue your first love - creating and performing music.

...or maybe you love the process of writing, recording, and mixing and you've acquired considerable skill in it, but you find you reach a point where objectivity about your work becomes impossible.  Let me offer my services as an experienced, reliable and discerning "second set of ears".  I can assist with all aspects of the recording process, right from preproduction analysis, arrangement guidance, recording and production advice, through to detailed mix critique and technical assistance...  I can even play and program any additional parts for your production, should you require them.

Our Services
Let me take the tracks you have recorded and build a finished mix on par with professional, big-budget productions.

Balancing, equalising and compressing the individual tracks is only the start.  My job is to help you fully realise your musical vision with style and taste, revealing and amplifying the emotional nuances and intention of the production.
Pre-production Advice
Do you have a song or a group of songs written, but you need a "second set of ears" to objectively listen & give you unbiased feedback & suggestions?

Top musicians, assisted by high-paid producers spend much time honing their songs before they hit the studio.

Personalised arrangement, production and recording advice can make a HUGE difference to the final product.

Before you hit "record", let me help you get the most out of your songs!  

Mix & Post-Production Guidance
As a musician/mixer/audio engineer, I completely understand that you might LOVE the challenge of recording and mixing your own song.

But where can you go to receive reliable, accurate and specific, objective advice about your mixes?

Let me cast a discerning "second set of ears" over your work and and assist you in extending your abilities to their full potential.

Satisfied Customers Talk about Coldroom Studios...
"We used a variety of mixers for our album, on in the US, two in the UK and Andrew in Australia.  

Amongst them were a couple of extremely experienced guys, one of whom was a really big name.

Andrew matched them all, both as a mixer and a professional person to deal with. We’re very happy to recommend him to anyone. "

Michael Wagner (The Grownups) - Melbourne, Australia

"Andrew has always gone the extra mile to ensure a high-quality mix that we are thrilled with, at a very good price. 

His pre-production advice and mixing/mastering on our 5-track EP and single release was very impressive; all songs came back with a new energy and life, much more than the sum of their parts.  

I highly recommend Andrew to any musician or band looking for professional results and refreshingly friendly customer service."

Dylan Russell (Why Wait) - Townsville, Australia

“I cannot recommend Coldroom Studio enough to anyone looking for a boost in their audio productions.

Whether you’re looking for help at the production stage, the mixing or the mastering stage or simple recording/mixing advice, Andrew’s golden ears will be there for you, taking your music to a whole new/professional level.

The attention to details and care that you will find here is something rare in this business. You’ll be sure to have a great experience and your music will get a serious shine passing through these hands.”

Ghostly Beard - Monteal, Canada
I’ve been listening to Andrew’s work for about five years now, and truly enjoy his approach towards mixing, engineering and production.  He recently reworked a track of mine and took it from a raw, home recording level to something I can be proud of. 

Andrew has a unique skill set that allows him to hear the intent of a track, and pull it apart to bring out all the elements properly.  To put it simply, when he is involved in a project with me, he makes it sound like what I heard in the first place, but could not accomplish. 

If you need help taking your work to the next level, I’m certain you’ll find Andrew to be skilled, knowledgeable, and a blast to work with.


Robert Cameron (Solo Artist) - USA

Every once in a blue moon, if you're lucky, you meet a person who takes your creation to another level.

Being an engineer myself, I need to work with someone who not only understands my artistic brain, but who can get results, and teach me a thing or two
Andrew has proven that years of hard work, truly does pay off.

Thank you Cold room studio, for a most enjoyable experience, Derek Reese.

Derek Reese (Solo Artist) - USA

"Andrew has that rare combination of good ears, technical know-how, and the ability to clearly communicate, which was just what I needed to give my songs that professional polish I wasn't able to achieve on my own.  

He can listen to a mix and not only point out potential issues but offer the specific solutions
needed to fix the problems."

Rob Stuart, (aka Broken Promise Keeper) - Georgia, USA